RemindMe – Share & Keep your mind always with you


User Features

NOTES – Create notes, attach files, share and attach tags instantly.

RECALL – Create a recall time to be alerted.

SHARE – Add collaborators to increase your team-work quality.

CHAT – Speak with other users, send files, share notes using drag and drop.

LABELS – Add labels to your notes and sortthem by label’s name.

SEARCH – Type a keyword in the search field on the top to search something everywhere on RemindMe.

LIVE REFRESH – Auto synchronizate notes with the database (when someone will share his task, it will appear directly on your dashboard).

USE IT MOBILE – RemindMe is responsive! Manage your notes, search, share, add and modify on your mobile.

VIEWER – View pictures shared on RemindMe, read PDFs directly without downloading (you can download if needed).

ARCHIVE – Classify your notes (you can de-archive your archived notes).

SMILEY – Exprime yourself across smileys on the chat.

Live Demo



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